Unforced Mechanical Vibrations

by Brotha' Groove

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Follow Brotha' Groove through his bumpin', tragic, and groovin' expedition from the town of Jiggington to around the galaxy. From the moment Groove rose from the ashes to the moment Amanda was taken away from him, from the moment Groove threw away his life to the day he was once again funkified, you are always there with him. This is the story of a man in the turbulent world of funky and not-so-funky forces and how he manages to keep the groove alive with his Brothas who Groove. Groove on, baby!


released June 15, 2016

Jivin' Jacob Davis played guitar on various tracks
Fantastic Phillip Dietz sang bass vocals for Tracks 2 and 4
The groovy cover art was created by the bumpin' Ysa de Ocampo
Photos were taken by the jiggin' Gina Yatsenko
Special thanks to Austin Horner, our sound engineer



all rights reserved


Brotha' Groove Redmond, Washington

Band Members:
Eric Malla
Igor Rudenko
Ben Formantes
Drew Butler
Elijah Reagan
Daniel Oliver
Nick Nerguizian
Tim Sinclair

Booking Agent:
Sukeerth Vegarju

Cosmetics Artist:
Ysa de Ocampo
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Track Name: Friction Franklin
An old quack name to Professor F had a back story to be told

he had an ingenious invention, it was, a priceless block of mold

well in 1963 while working at my cheesery I discovered lysergic acid dylethemide

and I thought to myself "Gee! What a wonder it'd be if I had a combination of cheese and LSD?"

So I grabbed my finest cheese and my bottle of purple haze and I set off to set the world ablaze

He took on the name friction Franklin, and his friction started spreading far and wide. With every ounce he made, an with every ounce he sold, something was burning deep inside

His worldwide success had left him lonely, he needed to find a bride.

That's when I saw Amanda walking past, and her booty I could not deny, there was just one problem that I knew I had to solve,

she was walking with another guy

So he waited till the two said good buy

Then walked up to her looked her in the eye

He said: if you want to roll with a real man

Take some of what I got in my hand
Track Name: 1-800-FUNKIFY
I walked my way down Malla street to have my neighbor say to me
Yo boy! What does it take to fix up what you got?
Your hair’s to your feet, your pants are gone, and your shoes have toes that come along
And then he said
(Bam, Snap, Crackle, Pop!)
You know who can fix you up?
(Fresh, bump, freakin’ hop!)
Let’s go call up Doctor Funk
(Doctor Funk!)
The freshest man legends ever told
(Doctor Funk!)
Hot as fire and smells like a rose
(Doctor Funk!)
You need the goods? He will supply
(Doctor Funk!)
Just call 1-800-FUNKIFY
I walked my way down Cobbler Street to hear the doctor’s word.
I saw the sign that said Doctor’s Office at 1643rd
I could hear a jam from outside the place
With a beat that made me jump
And when I opened the door and his face
No doubt it was doctor funk
And I thought
(Bam, Snap, Crackle, Pop!)
I know he’s the one to fix me up
Fresh, bump, freakin’ hop!
I’m glad I called up Doctor Funk
(Doctor Funk!)
Sunglasses to hide his cold, dark stare
(Doctor Funk!)
You could see past in his golden hair
(Doctor Funk!)
You need the goods? He will supply
(Doctor Funk!)
Just call 1-800-FUNKFY
The doctor took a few steps forward
‘til he caught a whiff of me
Yo Boy! What’s that smell?
I don’t want what you got.
I know you need help ‘cause it smells to me
Like you haven’t showered since ‘93
and then he said
(Bam, Snap, Crackle, Pop!)
I know what it takes to fix you up
(Fresh, bump, freakin’ Dove!)
Is what we’ll need to clean that muck
(Doctor Funk!)
We’ll cut that mop right off your head
(Doctor Funk!)
Just listen to what the doctor says
(Doctor Funk!)
You need the goods? I will supply
(Doctor Funk!)
This guy has been funkified!
Look at me now
I can see the crowd
Couldn’t go down if I tried
Cause I’ve been funkified
(Doctor Funk!)
The freshest man legends ever told
(Doctor Funk!)
Hot as fire and smells like a rose
(Doctor Funk!)
You need the goods? He will supply
(Doctor Funk!)
Just call 1-800-FUNKIFY